The Europharma Lofoten Seminar 2019 is held in Leknes, approximately 10 kilometers from Leknes airport.

We will send buses to pick up guests who arrive at the airport Wednesday June 5. at 11.20 and 13.05. Contact us to arrange transportation to Mortsund for arrivals the day before.

The following flights are the most relevant for seminar guests (flight times may be changed):


Tuesday June 4. afternoon/night:

Widerøe from Bodø at 1520, arrival Leknes at 1545

Widerøe from Bodø at 1730, arrival Leknes at 1755

Widerøe from Bodø at 2145, arrival Leknes at 2210



Wednesday June 5. morning/noon:

Widerøe from Bodø at 0640 , arrival Leknes at 0705

Widerøe from Bodø kl.1055 , arrival Leknes at 1120

Widerøe from Bodø kl. 1240, arrival Leknes at 1305


On Wednesday there is also a Wideroe flight directly from OSL Gardermoen to Leknes at 11.10, arriving in Leknes at 13.30. For those of you arriving with this flight, please let us know, so that we can arrange transportation to Mortsund where the seminar starts at 14.00.


Homeward, Friday June 7. morning/noon:

Widerøe from Leknes at 0555, arrival Bodø at 0620 (We will arrange transportation, if needed)

Widerøe from Leknes at 0720, arrival Bodø at 0745 (We will arrange transportation, if needed)

Widerøe from Leknes at 1135, arrival Bodø at 1200 (Bus from Mortsund to Leknes airport)

Widerøe from Leknes at 1320, arrival Bodø at 1345 (We will arrange transportation, if needed)


On Friday there is also a direct flight from Leknes to Oslo, departing from Leknes at 14.00, arriving at OSL Gardermoen at 16.15. (We will arrange transportation to Leknes airport, if needed)


Notify about any needs for bus transportation beyond the announced departures.


Those arriving in Mortsund by private car or boat will easily find the Check-in, seminar venues and living quarters.