Clawing on to some rocky islets and skerries and completetly surrounded by the sea, Henningsvaer might be the most iconic of all the traditional fishing villages in Lofoten.

Financed by rich cod fisheries and excellent conditions for stockfish production Henningsvaer established itself as the most important fishing village in Lofoten during the mid-eighteen hundreds. Traces of this rich history is still very visible.

Even though the significance as a fishing harbor decreased over the years, Henningsvaer has enjoyed a remarkable renaissance during the last few years. The village is today one of the biggest tourist destinations in Lofoten, filled with restaurants, bars, galleries and buzzing with life. It is also regarded as somewhat of a mountain climbing Mekka. Hundreds of rock climbers from all around the world visit Henningsvaer every year attempting to conquer the majestic mountains lining the narrow, winding road to the village.

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Old facotry for carpentry and production of cod fish oil. Today it is used as an cultural meeting place.


Hotel – Henningsvær Bryggehotel

Harbor of Henningsvær.